Friday, February 21, 2014

Video: How Honda pulled off amazing Fit debut

DETROIT -- It took two moving belts, three days of rehearsals and five actors to pull off one of the most elaborate introductions at the North American International Auto Show this year.

Honda turned the North American debut of its new Fit into a fanciful drive to nowhere. The background moved, but for the most part, the car didn't -- with a wonderful result.

"We wanted to unveil the all-new 2015 Honda Fit in a way that tells the story of the car: youthful, innovative, exciting and fun-to-drive with incredible packaging," says Honda spokeswoman Robyn Eagles.

The Fit is the smallest car in Honda's line, with the new Fit being even an inch shorter than the last. So the goal was to showcase the flexibility that takes advantage of the fact that it has more space inside than the current version.

A creative firm call Spinifex from Sydney came up the idea of using the conveyor belts.

"This reveal literally had 1,000 moving parts and a general sheet pull was ust not going to cut it for this car," she says. The whole production required a team of 25 and some split second timing "between the audio, multiple video screens, speaker support, the five actors, executives, teleprompters, the cars, and most importantly, the two moving belts."

Lots could have gone wrong, but nothing did. "Working hard to convey a story about the car paid off in spades. We were really pleased with the outcome," she adds.

Judge for yourself. It's quite a show.

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